By William Gilchrist The NCAA is currently facing the latest challenge to its amateur athlete model from the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”), which recently found that members of the Dartmouth men’s varsity basketball team are “employees” under the National Labor Relations Act (the “Act”).[1]  The decision, which has been described as “the first step […]

Jasmine Jaffe Former President Donald Trump faces a total of 91 felony charges across four separate criminal indictments.[1] Pleading not guilty to all charges against him, all four jurisdictions are gearing up for trial, and the timeline of these legal proceedings carries significant implications for the 2024 Presidential Election.[2] As the very likely Republican nominee, […]

By Tom Budzyn On February 8, 2024, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) issued a unanimous declaratory ruling giving agency guidance on the applicability of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) to unwanted and illegal robocalls using artificial intelligence.[1] In this ruling, the FCC stated its belief that unwanted spam and robocalls making use of artificial […]

by Sheridan Ecker Recently, online author SenLinYu entered into a book deal with Del Ray at Penguin House to publish her debut novel, Alchemised.[1] This is not an ordinary book deal, though, as Alchemised is a reimagined version of her incredibly successful fanfiction called Manacled,[2] following Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy from the world of […]

By Jordan Carlson Eagle Pass, Texas has become the latest battleground in the perennial struggle between the federal government and the states.[1] In a January 22, 2024 order, the Supreme Court vacated an injunction that had prevented federal agents from cutting wire placed on the Texas-Mexico border by Texas.[2] The case is one of several […]

Marin Bennerotte As Taylor Swift fans watched the Grammys in early February, many expected an announcement of the re-release of her “Reputation” album, originally released in 2017.[1] While Swift did not announce this re-release at the Grammys, when “Reputation” does become available to the public, it will be Swift’s fifth re-recorded album since 2021.[2] The […]

  By Michael VerMeulen In a legal battle between qualified immunity and freedom of the press, which one will come out on top? In the eyes of the Fifth Circuit, the First Amendment bows down to qualified immunity for police officers. [1] This fight has come to the legal forefront in Villarreal v. City of […]

Thomas H. Ward “Pity me not, but lend thy serious hearing to what I shall unfold.”[i]  With its grant of certiorari late last December, the Supreme Court crossed the river Styx and resurrected a question that estate planners had thought was laid to rest long ago:  whether the proceeds of a life insurance policy held […]

Tamara Allen “I turned my chair toward the fireplace and sank into half-sleep. Again the atoms fluttered before my eyes. . . . Long lines, often combined more densely; everything in motion, twisting and turning like snakes. But look, what was that? One of the snakes had seized its own tail, and the figure whirled […]

Madelyn Strohm  On December 20, 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced proposed changes to its Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule (“Rule” or “COPPA Rule”).[1] The proposed changes aim to keep up with changes in technology and how businesses are using children’s information collected online.[2] The updated Rule aims to further enhance children’s privacy […]

Will Coltzer The Supreme Court is set to determine whether the government can regulate the way social media platforms (“Platforms”) like X,[1] Facebook, and YouTube moderate third-party content.[2] Although social media has become ubiquitous and has been described as the modern “public forum,”[3] there remain serious questions about the authority of the government to require […]

Nick Rader This September, in L.W. ex rel. Williams v. Skrmetti,[1] the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit reversed two preliminary injunctions that had prevented state gender affirming care restrictions from taking effect.[2]  Now, statutes in both Tennessee and Kentucky prohibit minors in most circumstances from obtaining certain medical procedures offered to […]