13 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 59 Clare Magee Introduction Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine catalyzed a waterfall of political and economic upheaval across a world already reeling from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. According to the World Bank, global trade in oil and natural gas from Russia and agricultural products from Ukraine suffered immense setbacks.[1] […]

  13 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 42 Brandon J. Johnson[1] Introduction The North Carolina Supreme Court’s recent decision to reverse course on partisan gerrymandering has garnered national attention.[2] In the court’s third opinion issued in Harper v. Hall,[3] (“Harper III”) a newly elected 5-2 conservative majority of the state supreme court overruled the first […]

13 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 14 I. Introduction Though the use of marijuana has been a very fiercely debated and divisive issue in the United States for nearly a century, the evolution of culture and developments in science have led to rapid shifts in public opinion about the use of marijuana for both recreational […]

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13 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 1 Mark T. Wilhelm[*] & Michael T. Byrne[**] Publicly traded companies in the United States are required to disclose a significant amount of information to the public in order to comply with applicable securities laws.[1] While at times those disclosure requirements are rather rigid, there are many circumstances in which […]

12 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 111 INTRODUCTION No one wonders about the strength of the First Amendment’s speech protections with the same level of intensity as someone who has just uttered an unpopular opinion or statement. Growing up, school children often defend their words by alleging that in the United States, we can say […]

12 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 46 Joshua S. Ha* “The rule that penal laws are to be construed strictly, is perhaps not much less old than construction itself.”[1]  That is how Chief Justice Marshall described the rule of lenity in United States v. Wiltberger.[2]  The doctrine is rooted in seventeenth-century England, where it arose […]

12 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 24 Jeffrey Steven McConnell Warren, Esq.* In North Carolina, a law enforcement officer’s career can be over with the stroke of a prosecutor’s pen.  Cloaked in prosecutorial immunity, district attorneys enjoy a little-known power to decide that a law enforcement officer’s character for truthfulness is materially impaired and that […]

12 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 1 Introduction The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA” or “the Act”)[1] celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2020.[2]  The Act, which was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush, was enacted to eliminate discrimination against individuals with disabilities, especially in critical areas of life like employment.[3]  With the ADA’s […]

11 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 147 Imad Antoine Ibrahim,* Sandrine Maljean-Dubois,**& Jessica Owley*** Without an international tribunal or tools like trade sanctions, there is little to coerce or encourage adherence with environmental treaties.  The Paris Agreement, the governing global agreement to address climate change, relies on voluntary global cooperation.  Countries determine their own commitments […]

11 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 131 Dr. Ryan Clements* Algorithmic stablecoins are inherently fragile.  These uncollateralized digital assets, which attempt to peg the price of a reference asset using financial engineering, algorithms, and market incentives, are not stable at all but exist in a state of perpetual vulnerability.  Iterations to date have struggled to […]

11 Wake Forest L. Rev. Online 111 Gregory S. Parks* Introduction Hazing has been a persistent issue for centuries.[1]  Little empirical research, or research drawing on empirical data, has been conducted on what would meaningfully curtail it.  Researchers have agreed, however, that among the necessary hazing prevention factors are: (1) organizational leadership;[2] (2) more certainty […]