Schedule 8:30-8:45: Opening Remarks from Wake Forest Law School’s Dean Morant 8:45-10:30: Panel 1 – K-12 Education: This panel will address the role of state and federal governments in privatization and public education by incorporating theoretical perspectives on public education as a public good. Moderator: Wendy Parker, Wake Forest University School of Law Panelists: –          Kristi Bowman, Michigan State University […]

The Wake Forest University Law Review will host its 2012 symposium, “The Asymmetry of Administrative Law: The Lack of Public Participation and the Public Interest” on Friday, March 30, in the Worrell Professional Center. The symposium, under the guidance of Professor Sidney Shapiro, will focus on a troubling trend in governmental administrative process: a steadying decline […]

Overview The Wake Forest Law Review’s 2011 Business Law Symposium brought together legal scholars and policy leaders who offer a range of perspectives on “The Sustainable Corporation.” How do business firms contribute to – or undermine – the ability of social, ecological and environmental systems to endure? The question raises issues concerning community development, corporate […]

The Wake Forest Law Review’s 2011 Community Prosecution and Defense Symposium brought together legal scholars, policy leaders, and practicing attorneys who offer a range of perspectives on “Community Prosecuting” and “Community Defense.”  The Symposium, hosted by Professor Ronald Wright on November 4th, 2011, focused on the connection between communities and the prosecutors and defense attorneys […]

Overview Twenty years after passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1991, we are once again at a crossroads of the future of civil rights.  The number of employment discrimination cases is declining, and the U.S. Supreme Court, in Ricci v. DeStefano, has called into question the continued viability of disparate impact claims. The symposium focused […]