By James Sprague The New York District Attorney’s Office (“N.Y.D.A.”) began investigating President Donald Trump’s business transactions in the summer of 2018 after the F.B.I. raided the residence of Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney.[1] After the raid, Cohen admitted to campaign fraud, including using campaign funds to provide a $130,000 “hush” payment to […]

While humans may be the most sophisticated and capable species on planet Earth, we are still subject to a strong dose of humility now and again. We humans must accept that there are certain things we have limited control over. One of these things is the spread of disease. Due to scientific and medical innovations, […]

By Nicholas Pappayliou and Samuel Gilleran Early last week, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals held that victorious plaintiff voters were entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs from the opposing party, the Guilford County Board of Elections, despite the fact that the Board merely enforced but did not craft the legislation giving rise to […]

Overview M.L. was born in 2003 with Down Syndrome and lives with his family in an Orthodox Jewish community in Maryland.[1]  M.L’s faith governs almost every aspect of his life, including how he dresses, eats, and works.[2]  In 2009, M.L. enrolled in a private special education program that was tailored to his religious needs.[3]  In […]

By Amanda Whorton On March 11, 2016, the Fourth Circuit issued a published opinion in the civil case Providence Hall Associates v. Wells Fargo Bank. The court affirmed the district court’s dismissal of Providence Hall Associates’ (“PHA”) lawsuit against Wells Fargo Bank (“Wells Fargo”), holding that it was precluded by res judicata. The Three Agreements and […]

 By Whitney Pakalka On January 11, 2016, the Fourth Circuit issued a published opinion in the civil case of Askew v. Hampton Roads Finance Company. The District Court for the District of Maryland granted Hampton Roads Finance Company (“HRFC”) summary judgment on all of Dante Askew’s borrower-creditor claims. The Fourth Circuit affirmed the grant of […]

By Elizabeth DeFrance On December 4, 2015, the Fourth Circuit issued a published opinion in the case, Hernandez-Nolasco v. Lynch, in which the petitioner sought review of orders of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Being Kidnapped And Threatened By A Gang After His Brother and Father Were Killed Failed to Meet The Burden of Proving […]

By: Mikhail Petrov On June 30, 2015, in the criminal case of United States v. Newbold, the Fourth Circuit issued a published opinion vacating Joseph K. Newbold’s sentence and remanding the case for proceeding consistent with the Court’s opinion. In this case, the Fourth Circuit examined whether Newbold’s guilty plea from 2005, paired with three preceding […]

By Rolf Garcia-Gallont In an opinion published today, the Fourth Circuit affirmed the district court’s decision in the civil case of Elyazidi v. SunTrust Bank, dismissing all claims brought by the appellant and original plaintiff, Mounia Elyazidi. Facts and Procedural Posture Elyazidi overdrew her SunTrust checking account when, despite having only a few hundred dollars in […]

By: Michael Klotz               Today, in United States v. Graves, the 4th Circuit affirmed the conviction of John Robert Graves, a former F.B.I. employee who—along with his wife—ran a sophisticated investment scheme that he used to defraud mostly elderly investors. Mr. Graves raised three issues on appeal. First, he claimed that his conviction for making […]